The Basics of Acupuncture : How Needles Are Inserted in Acupuncture

Hi, We’re going to start, first, by alcoholing the appropriate areas that we’re going to stick the needles. OKay, this is a larger alcohol wipe but it’s very effective, especially if you’re doing a larger area. And, then we’ll talk about what areas we’re treating for Anya’s allergies. But we’re going to focus in the liver and the colon. OKay, and then we’re going to do some auricular therapy, in the ear. Doing OKay, Anya? OKay. Anya’s still with us, she’s still alive, that’s always nice. Good. Good. OKay, now we’re going to insert the needles. OKay, we’re going to start right here first. When you put the guide tube on the skin, unlike the needle that when you might get a cortisone shot or your family doctor, they just go right in through the skin.

And, this one would hurt if we did it that way as well. But, because of the guide tube, it decreases the skin sensitivity and then we just flick and the needle is in. And the needle is in about 3 to 4 millimeters and that’s all we really want to do. Acupuncture is done in depressions, so we really just want to twist it to get acupuncture stimulation. And these points follow the twelve 4,000 year old meridian pathways that the Chinese have studied in treating over 2,000 conditions..