I only have one comparison for you today, but it is a rather obscure one.  Maybe you guessed from the subtitle that it has to do with sleepwear or nightgowns.  There are many feminine and pretty nightgown patterns out there, but the patterns I’ve chosen to compare are particularly unique in that the one pattern package allows you to sew year-round nightwear using flannels and lighter weight fabrics, as well as layering.  A nightgown for each season.

Both McCall’s and Simplicity came out with similar patterns in 1989.  Both utilize lace trim, ruffles and pockets.  The major difference is the yoke; one is square and one is rounded.  However, McCall’s 4645 contains a child’s version in the package.  If you want a child’s version of Simplicity, you need to find Simplicity 9427.  And, the big kicker is, McCall’s 4645 was not presented as nightwear, but rather as a gown, pinafore and sundress.  Surprise!  Different strokes for different folks.  

Sweet dreams!