There are two patterns that really caught my attention as I found they had clever ideas.  Necessity seems to inspire loads of ideas.  When you are attempting to decorate your home and you haven’t a lotta dough and aren’t particularly fond of having your digs look like an unorganized warehouse of sorts, you begin to improvise.  Although the particular set of circumstances may not be your ideal, it does tend to lead to creativity and inspiration and that can be pleasantly rewarding in itself.

The first pattern I bring to your attention accomplishes quite a bit.  Saving up for that armoire, sideboard, or hutch?  Or maybe the garage, nursery, or spare room just needs a bit of sprucing up and a bit of organization?  Limited space?  Thrifty organizers?  Or maybe you require some storage NOW, yet you are not quite certain how you want to handle it.  Simplicity 8255, designed by Donna Lang, could be the answer.  Although this pattern was issued in 1998, it’s practically timeless.  Ms. Lang gave us Storage Unit Covers.  Pick a room, any room, and you can create a storage space, plus it allows one to color coordinate with whatever else may be in the room, inexpensively at that!  A storage shelf could also be used as a room divider with this handy pattern. The pattern also includes pocket designs in various sizes for the storage unit covers.  They’re optional, of course.



The second pattern is a new one; McCall’s 6978, published this year.  I liked the clever and colorful storage bags hung on a bar and hooks which can optimize counter space in a kitchen.  Although this pattern is kitchen oriented, this idea could work in a bathroom or workspace where counter space is a premium.  The cloth bags allow for color coordination and don’t require a lot of material or time!  Plus you get a cute apron to boot!!







When I look at Home Décor patterns, I often study them.  Generally, one observes how color and space was utilized, especially if something out of the ordinary appears.  Past that, I begin thinking of how else one might utilize the same or I try and imagine other uses for the idea and how one might apply them.  I believe these two patterns offer more than meets first glance.


Honk, Honk!

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