Comparisons XI

Déjà Vu


Butterick 6646 (published 1993) and Butterick 6208 (published 1988) feature the hi/lo hems that seem to be currently popular again. Only now the hi/lo hems are appearing on blouses and jackets as well as dresses.  Butterick 6208 is difficult to find, especially in the average and larger sizes.  Butterick 6646 offers four versions.  But check out the center version, or View E.  This has a close resemblance to Butterick 6208.  Butterick 6208 appears to be a tad more fitted and the skirt flounce is not as deep it has no straps and the fitted portion seems to be a bit longer than Butterick 6646. 






Next, I submit Simplicity 2742 (published 1949) and Simplicity 9008 (published 1979).  Simplicity 2742 also included a wrap pattern with its dress.  Simplicity 9008 does not.  It also appears that the earlier Simplicity pattern’s skirt is not as full as the newer Simplicity version, but that may be due to the artist rendering of Simplicity 2742, but they both feature a floor length version and a street length version.  However, Simplicity 9008 will be far easier to find and easier on your purse. 






Jumping back to Butterick, this recent pattern enjoyed some popularity;  Butterick  4237 (published 2004), but is out of print now.  It features a tunic top and pants.  Here’s an earlier Simplicity pattern that has a very similar style; Simplicity 5447 (published 1972) and it included a dress version along with the tunic and pants.  Both patterns appear suitable for knits.  The piping on the Simplicity dress offers a more tailored appearance and the vertical lines of the piping have a slimming effect.  The Butterick has a front center seam and the necklines of the patterns are a tad different.  Both the Butterick and Simplicity patterns appear more tailored than they actually are and both patterns look like comfortable clothing. 







Lastly, take a look at Vogue 2871 (published 1992) and Simplicity 8949 (published 1989).  Those dates make you think, hmmmm.  Judging by the photos, it doesn’t seem like it should be too difficult to alter size-wise, in the event you cannot find your exact or preferred size.  Actually it appears rather simple, but sometimes appearances are deceiving.  Nonetheless, with the right material, the knee-length dress could have a kicky and playful look.  As far as photos go, the longer version on the Vogue presents a more elegant form and the short version on the Simplicity pattern presents a more attractive dress than the short version on the Vogue.  Simplicity 8949 should be easier to find and will most likely cost less than the Vogue version, but that probably has something to do with the haute couture name on the envelope.  Amusing, n’est-ce pas?







Honk, Honk!



















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