Seems quality and craftsmanship are in decline these days.  Possibly one of the reasons I enjoy sewing and needle crafting.  Not only do you get what you want, you get something unique and enduring and something of real value.  Handcrafted items include the energy of love usually.  And that energy becomes indelibly stamped for the ages.

In a visit late last year to the state of Texas, I met a young woman whom I found very pleasant, insightful, intelligent and artistic.  We both shared an appreciation for Kahlil Gibran.  We both enjoy working with our hands and being creative.  She does crochet, but her stunning and artistic endeavors proved to be quite earthy.  And earthy is the operative word!  She is into creating stunning pottery.

She showed me her collection and some of the pieces she had for sale as she was carefully packaging up some pottery she recently sold to a customer in upstate New York.  The pottery I saw was unique.  It was in one box of pottery waiting to be packaged that I spied the most beautiful sea foam green bowl.  Yep, it was already sold.  Seems it was a popular item as she told me she had many inquiries about it.

Before parting company she gave me her card.  When I returned home, I visited her website.  As I browsed thru her site, I was not only impressed with her pottery, but I had a sense that I had entered a very calm and serene space. I enjoyed reading her posts and the insight she shared.

You can find Ms. Hardy’s pottery at Sibbotery.  I think you’ll enjoy her unique offerings.

Until next blog ………

Honk Honk



  • Mackenzie says:

    WOW! I visited her site as recommended and was so impressed I bought a lovely piece. You always come up with the most interesting blogs. Don’t know if anyone has told you before but thank you for sharing with a hopefully captive audience.

    • The Goose Mother says:

      Thank you, Mackenzie. Yeah, Ms. Hardy’s creations are quite lovely. She and I are going back and forth on a bowl I’ve commissioned her to do. Just trying to match colors presently. Even tho’ the pictures on her site are good, the pieces are even more beautiful in “real time”. You won’t be disappointed.