One Comparison & One Close But No Cigar



I have directed attention to Vogue 2743 in a past comparison and I’m doing so again because I found another vintage pattern which is very similar.  The collar, the sleeves and the pockets are minimally different.  McCall 8381 is dated 1951, so coming off the literal end of the 1940s, I still contend that both patterns exhibit a forties style.  Vogue 2743 was published in 2003.







Here’s a beautiful pattern from Simplicity created specifically for performing ethnic folk dances; perfect for Cinco de Mayo.  (Simplicity 3858).  However, it is out of print.  And, Cinco de Mayo is but a month away.





At this point, I feel compelled to confess that when I first saw this pattern the ever present little girl who dwells within was totally mesmerized and she was busy envisioning being inside that dress.  As realities merged, the same little girl showed me how she would pinch the sides of the skirt in each hand between her thumb and forefinger with pinkies high and draw it outward just to see how far the skirt would extend.  Then, the real test; the twirl test.  Every new dress underwent this test!  If the dress twirled well, it became the new favorite.  And, sure enough, she stood in place and focused her energy on spinning.  The faster she spun, the skirt swirled higher and extended further from her body.  The energy she directed at the skirt, put the natural laws of motion into play.  She became lost in the sheer joy of watching the skirt swirl upwards and surround her body.  Yards of beautiful material floating in motion with her in the center of it directing it all.  That little girl lingered there for just a brief moment when she finished.  I suspect her hesitation was to see if I recalled that particular joy.  When I smiled in acknowledgment, she retreated back into the shadows only to reemerge when something else piques her interest or sometimes she is summoned for certain knowledge only she holds. But I digress……….

However, you may not truly have a need for a dress styled for ethnic dances and would merely prefer to capture the ethnic essence.  In that case, I found a potential alternative, and one that won’t put a large dent in the pocketbook.  (or purse, depending on the area of the country you are in) McCall’s 4877, published in 1990.   It definitely won’t twirl very well, but it would lend itself well to being fashioned into certain festival attire or maybe just a breezy summer dress.   OK, you guessed it!  This one is my close, but no cigar.  (cough, cough)



Honk, Honk!

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