All you San Diego area residents, if you hear strange rumblings into the wee hours during the next week or so, not to worry.  It’s not an earthquake.  It’s Valarie LaBore and many other costumers on their sewing machines preparing for a big event.  Costume College (CoCo) is two and a half weeks away!  Right about now, all those attendees are putting the finishing touches on their gowns and accessories.  Plus, next weekend there’s to be a fashion show in San Diego at the courtyard of Casa de Estudillo.  They’ve asked Valarie to show her bloomers!  And the little hussy has agreed to wear her green silk taffeta bloomer outfit for them.  What a gurl won’t do for history, I tell yah!!  Nonetheless, Valarie has been into some serious research.  See what she’s up to over at Time Traveling in Costume.  Valarie’s dance card is full at the moment, but do expect to see more fabulous pictures from this year’s Costume College event in the very near future.  I really admire all the costumers out there.  They put so much work into their costuming so that people like me can sit back and marvel and watch a bit of history come alive. 


On the opposite coast, Andrea Schewe has been bloggin’ away.  She’s revamped her website.  If you were familiar with her former website, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the new one!  Andrea Schewe Design — the name hasn’t changed; only the format.  And, she’s been burning up the keyboard writing for her new blog.  Andrea has been at this for three months now and her blog is packed with lots of tips and how-to’s for her fellow seamstresses out there.  If you haven’t dropped by, I suggest you hurry on over there, otherwise you’re going to have lots of catching up to do.  Just over a month ago, Andrea put out a call for some Pattern Testers.  Those who qualified received a free Simplicity pattern.  I expect that soon we shall be learning the results of that endeavor.  Andrea has been sharing her expertise and secrets, including where she comes up with ideas for her creations, along with frugal ways to achieve some of those high priced garments or home décor items for much less than retail and by applying a little know-how!  Read, watch, learn.  Andrea’s Blog.


Up in the mountains, Jamie Ferguson is busy preparing her next publication, with brief respites of sewing.  She says Jasper has become a little bored with sewing, so Maisie is keeping her company while she sews.  The Blackbird is making room for a new addition in its nest.  However, Jamie has made time to become a Pattern Tester and is in collaboration with Andrea Schewe on that project.  So, I assume we’ll have two perspectives on that score; one at Andrea’s blog and one at Jamie’s blog, Raspberrylemonade.  I’m still reading, With Perfect Clarity and enjoying it too.  Will give a report on that one a bit later.  Several other people I know are reading it along with me.  It will be fun to compare notes on this one!  The story has a few twists and turns and a few “gotchas”.  


Honk Honk


  • Andrea Schewe says:

    You are the best blog booster!! I guess that makes you a BBB!
    AND I didn’t know Jamie Ferguson is a WRITER! I’ve got to get her book.
    Thanks, Andrea

    • Goose Mother says:

      LOL! Hey, I gotta be good at something and somebody has to do it! Has your keyboard melted yet? Yep, Jamie is getting ready to publish a book of short stories too.

  • Val LaBore says:

    LOL, this is like a class reunion. 🙂

    • Goose Mother says:

      Funny gurl! LOL. Where’s the tea?? Ooops, I forgot! You’re too busy showin’ off your bloomers to everyone!! Now everyone knows why we can’t all be in the same room together. Yuk, yuk.