Why “Goose Mother”???



I chose “The Goose Mother” as a handle for myself.  It comes from my daughter transposing “Mother Goose” into the Goose Mother.  When she wanted to be read stories from this particular book she would ask for stories by the Goose Mother.  The picture on the front cover of the book of an elderly woman riding a harnessed, oversized goose fascinated her. Not sure why she transposed the words tho’. 

I enjoy sewing and crocheting actively, although most of the other needlework crafting holds interest for me, there just isn’t enough time, so I am obliged to narrow it down to what I can handle. 

I took an interest in sewing in my very early teens largely due to my short stature  (I was forever hemming stuff)  and economic limitations.  However, learning to sew was to be an arduous challenge for me.  More on this in another blog.  I didn’t end up becoming the knock-down, bang-up seamstress I’d like to be, but I do enjoy sewing.  I also enjoy visiting other people’s blogs on sewing and seeing some of their creations.  I envy their sewing skills and appreciate their sharing some of their experience. 

 I am motivated to create.  I think we all are to some degree in some area.  Thinking outside the box is something else that resonates within me.  Learning how to respectfully live on our planet Earth is also of concern.  Recycling appeals to me and is a contributing factor with regard to Sew Exciting Needleworks

A new, favored pass-time is visiting the Vintage Pattern Wiki website.  Some really dreamy stuff can be found there.  Kudos to Erin McKean of Dressaday for instigating it and to all who contribute to, maintain and expand the Vintage Pattern Wiki.  The Vintage Pattern Wiki is closing in on almost 50,000 patterns!! 

I am still busy behind the scenes putting all this together with lots of help from the Wizard.  Things are just humming along.  There’s a lady out there looking for baby patterns cuz she’s going to become a grandma very soon.  She tells me she’s now motivated to sew again due to this event AND she’s getting a brand new sewing machine!!    I promise you those patterns will be up very soon. 

 Until the next blog….

 Honk Honk