Before I post the next installment of the “Multi-Talented Andrea Schewe” and we delve back into costume patterns, I wanted to point out some comparisons that are fairly current on the pattern horizon. 

As many of you are aware, McCall’s gobbled up Vogue and Butterick so all three are under one roof now (and have been since the 1980s) even tho’ they still retain their individual names and/or lines.  However, that leaves them a bit freer to copy patterns between themselves without getting into legal entanglements, I assume.  And, Vogue patterns still remain a bit pricier than the others. 

Take a look at Vogue 8146 and Butterick 5168; (more appropriately, See & Sew).  You can still purchase Vogue 8146, (released 2005) through Vogue and it is still available in all sizes published but, Butterick 5168 (released 2011) is now out-of-print and available sizes are limited; available in sizes 6-12 only through Butterick.  That was the case last time I checked.    Pattern Review gave the Butterick version a positive review.   You may have looked at one or the other and thought to yourself, “haven’t I seen that before?”  They appear identical to me.  Anyway, at full retail you would have saved by purchasing the Butterick (See & Sew) version.






Then we have Vogue 1037  and Butterick 5147.  Butterick 5147 was published in 2007 and is still current and available at Butterick.  Vogue 1037 was published in 2008 and is now out-of-print.  Last I checked, it was still available in all sizes published.  For some reason, Butterick’s Lifestyle Collection is frequently passed over, but if you liked Vogue 1037, I suggest you take a closer look at Butterick 5147.  The differences are very minor (the jacket has a slightly lower neckline, is a bit longer and has more buttons, and a tad more tailoring on the Vogue pattern) but, Butterick 5147 offers a few more pieces to consider and costs less. 









No fowls here.  Just a little bird’s eye view. 

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