The holiday season is officially upon us! I wanted to take the opportunity to suggest and bring your attention to a rather unique site with some great gift ideas. I have a permanent link to her site at my Links page. I met this young lady on a visit to Austin, Texas. She is a potter and her name is Cheryl Hardy. Now, I did have the opportunity to visit her in-home shop, but did not visit her website until I returned home; Sibbotery.   Her wares are impressive as I saw them; up close and personal. However, her website gives one the sense of serenity. You can almost hear water tinkling and trickling from a small fountain in the background as you roam around a small, clean and orderly shop.


Cheryl is currently revamping her website to include additional ways to purchase her work and share news on her participation in local shows and sales in Texas. In November, she began sending fans of her work a bi-monthly newsletter sharing sneak peeks of her work, special “subscriber-only” sales and dates and times of shows and galleries her work will be appearing. She encourages people who appreciate her work to subscribe to her email newsletter and to join her page on Facebook (link:, those are the best ways to get first-hand updates on what she is working on and selling next. And, if you are not very educated on pottery and the intricacies, you will find information here.


Cheryl obviously enjoys her craft and is quite skilled and knowledgeable about stoneware. She’s studied for more than five years on the pottery wheel with local ceramic instructors and works exclusively with high-fire stoneware clay bodies including porcelain which she amusingly professes to be one of the most difficult clay bodies to throw with. Her work is fired in a gas kiln, she credits this kiln type for some of the memorable effects she gets with glaze color. She describes her style of pottery as functional and nature inspired with the bulk of her work featuring some sort of surface texture.


There are offerings on her website which are ready-to-go, however she does accept commission assignments and also offers gift certificates; a great way to go if you are unsure just what piece your intended receiver might like. Great for last minute shopping too!  I liked the idea of the commission work. You can have your own “one of a kind” piece to display and treasure. Plus, you can incorporate your own imagination into the artwork and design.


Consider giving an earthy gift this year. (yes, pun intended)  Sibbotery has some unique designs and the prices are very reasonable.

Honk Honk



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