I’ve gone through many patterns and I find it fun.  You can watch fashion change over time on the pictures of those patterns.  And, if you like history and have a good knowledge of history, it is interesting to see correlations in fashion.

When I go through patterns, I can see the different companies competing with each other; similar patterns, just a tad different so as not to be exactly the same.  Then, as now, if you catch them you can obtain a less expensive version and I will show you some of the ones I’ve caught.

Compare Vogue 1118 and Simplicity 6672 or Simplicity 9750

A very popular Simplicity 6672, copyright 1974, was also re-released as Simplicity 9750,copyright 1980.  They are both the same, so if you can’t track down one, you may be able to track down the other.  The dress is an elegant but simple dress/evening gown.  Small wonder it was so popular.   Accessorizing with a dazzling piece of jewelry can totally set off the gown or the jewelry.  The sleeveless gown would also nicely support a feather boa and the model in the photograph on Simplicity 6672 is shown holding a boa.  Also released in the 1970s was Vogue 1118 by designer Jerry Silverman.  Both the Vogue and Simplicity patterns are similar in design.  The Vogue dress/gown features sleeves; long and short and a slightly different above-the-waist treatment.  The Simplicity pattern offers long sleeves or sleeveless.  Both offer a street length and floor length version and both are back-zippered.  I must admit I favor the sleeveless Simplicity version. 










Compare Vogue 1865 and Simplicity 6794 and Butterick 4651

All three of these patterns came out in the mid 1960s

A mesmerizing and beautifully photographed, Vogue 1865 designed by Pucci, is an elegant, floaty-styled culotte caftan that was so popular in the mid 1960s.  Very stunning pattern, yet simple in cut.  Today this is a difficult to find pattern.  Copyright date is 1967.  A bit easier to come by is Simplicity 6794; copyright date 1966.  Comparing the structure of both at a quick glance they are strikingly similar.  Necklines are different and the Simplicity pattern is a dress and not a culotte.  The Simplicity pattern also features optional street length and optional three-quarter length bell sleeves.  Both patterns have a back zipper closing.  If you are looking for Vogue 1865 and willing to compromise a bit, you may find Simplicity 6794 an acceptable option. 








Butterick 4651 chimed in with their variation of a theme.  This one is a culotte in two lengths with a jewel neckline, back zipper and button trim at the shoulders.  This one offers another possible option, but not an easy one to find.



I must admit that caftans always evoke thoughts of leisurely hours spent sipping a mimosa and just pampering oneself.  Ahhhh, wistful sigh.  Not enough leisurely hours.  Sheesh, not enough hours in a day period!!! 

Honk Honk


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