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What do 2 Dogs, 1 Blackbird and Sewing Have in Common?

Answer:  Jamie Ferguson

So, who is Jamie Ferguson?  For starters, she’s a fellow seamstress and blogger.  The dogs, Maisie and Jasper, are her sewing companions.  According to Jamie, the blackbird escaped from a pie and became a publishing company.  Huh???  OK, OK, Jamie tells stories sometimes.  It’s what she really likes to do.  Jamie recently published her first novel; With Perfect Clarity


Jamie, like many of us, juggles her time between a career and things she really enjoys doing.  For Jamie this includes sewing, blogging, caring for her dogs and writing short stories and novels.

I’ve invited Jamie to share a bit about herself and her new novel.  Further, she tells me she’s already working on her next novel, again in between all the rest of her endeavors.

Goose Mother:  Jamie, congratulations!  I feel honored to be able to share in the excitement and I am anxiously anticipating the arrival of my personal copy of the book and being able to read it.  When we first met, which was through our enjoyment of sewing, I had no idea you were working on a novel.

Jamie Ferguson:  Thank you!!! Launching my book has been a lot of fun.  It started as a short story I wrote in 2003.  I realized it was a much longer story, and spent the next 9 years working on it off and on, so it’s been a long time in the making.

Goose Mother:  The brief overview of the book:  “Emma remembers her death with perfect clarity. Brutally murdered in Colorado in the late 1800s, she haunts the house of her death, unable to leave its walls even after the building burns down. In present day 2003, a video store occupies the original site. Emma spends her days watching movies and the living until she meets Ashley, a ghost who remembers nothing about her own recent death. To help Ashley, Emma must relive her own long-ago murder, which she discovers she does not remember with perfect clarity after all.

So, is it safe to assume this is sort of a ghost story, who-done-it type mystery?

Jamie FergusonNot exactly.  There is a mystery, but it’s more of a suspense story.  I like to dig into my characters, so I put them into challenging situations and focus on what they’re thinking and feeling.  The story is told from Emma’s view, so I worked hard to describe her thoughts and her feelings while the two girls attempt to understand and then solve Ashley’s problem.

Goose Mother:  My understanding is that you also started your own publishing company recently.  That truly sounds like a large undertaking.

Jamie Ferguson:  (she laughs) That was the easiest part of the entire publication process!  I self-published this book, so the publishing company is just an LLC.  An artist friend created the publishing logo, which I love.

Blackbird Publishing logo




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