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COMPARISON #1If you like swing style jackets, you may like this one.  Think Spring/Summer.  Nope not a Winter coat!  Carmelo Pomodoro for Vogue Attitudes gave us this one; Vogue 2668, (1991) featuring a jacket and a sleeveless dress with an alluring expanse of back exposed.  In the same year, McCall’s gave us 5647; no dress, but a top, skirt and pants in lieu of a dress. However, check out the jacket.  Very similar. Cuffs are different and the pockets on the McCall’s pattern are in the side seams.  Both are nicely styled swing jackets that will work well with lighter weight fabrics. 
Here’s another Vogue/McCall’s comparison.  You can scope out the differences, but, hey, isn’t that the same model?  Sure looks like the same gal to me.  COMPARISON #2Vogue 2782  (dated 2003)   and McCall’s 8150 (dated 1996)
 And, my last Vogue/McCall’s comparison is Vogue 2970 by Jean Muir (1973) and McCall’s 8814. Vogue’s version offers a different neckline treatment, has yokes and sleeve length variations and a narrow cuff and back zipper. Both have side seam pockets. McCall’s version is back buttoned and has no topstitching.  McCall’s 8814 is dated 1983; ten years apart, but both are classic style. 
Comparison #3


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Hey, to all you Aussie gals and thanks for stopping by (again even)!  And a shout-out (honk-honk) to BoBo Baggins; you done good!!

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I’ve gone through many patterns and I find it fun.  You can watch fashion change over time on the pictures of those patterns.  And, if you like history and have a good knowledge of history, it is interesting to see correlations in fashion.

When I go through patterns, I can see the different companies competing with each other; similar patterns, just a tad different so as not to be exactly the same.  Then, as now, if you catch them you can obtain a less expensive version and I will show you some of the ones I’ve caught.

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