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COMPARISON #1If you like swing style jackets, you may like this one.  Think Spring/Summer.  Nope not a Winter coat!  Carmelo Pomodoro for Vogue Attitudes gave us this one; Vogue 2668, (1991) featuring a jacket and a sleeveless dress with an alluring expanse of back exposed.  In the same year, McCall’s gave us 5647; no dress, but a top, skirt and pants in lieu of a dress. However, check out the jacket.  Very similar. Cuffs are different and the pockets on the McCall’s pattern are in the side seams.  Both are nicely styled swing jackets that will work well with lighter weight fabrics. 


Here’s another Vogue/McCall’s comparison.  You can scope out the differences, but, hey, isn’t that the same model?  Sure looks like the same gal to me.  COMPARISON #2Vogue 2782  (dated 2003)   and McCall’s 8150 (dated 1996)


 And, my last Vogue/McCall’s comparison is Vogue 2970 by Jean Muir (1973) and McCall’s 8814. Vogue’s version offers a different neckline treatment, has yokes and sleeve length variations and a narrow cuff and back zipper. Both have side seam pockets. McCall’s version is back buttoned and has no topstitching.  McCall’s 8814 is dated 1983; ten years apart, but both are classic style. 

Comparison #3




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The Wedding Dress




 Back in the mid eighties, I was about to embark on a second marriage.  I wanted a simple gown appropriate for the occasion.  I was also seeking a simple price as well.  Nothing ready-made was fitting all the criteria I had pre-determined.  I then went into the “think outside the box” improvise mode.  While thumbing thru Elle magazine I found a wedding dress that appealed to me.  Of course it was some designer dress with a whopping price tag; waaaay more than I could afford.  The simplicity of the dress and the headpiece were unique, yet very feminine.  It was something I felt I was capable of sewing, so I ripped the page from the magazine and I began to scour the pattern books to find something similar that I could construct and add my own touches to.  I found a pattern by Vogue and purchased it, but by happenstance a short while later I found a Style pattern that was much more suitable that would require less alteration.  That was also when I fell in love with Style patterns.  Style patterns (before being bought out by Simplicity that is), had the chic of Vogue, yet the construction instructions were easy and simple to follow, in my opinion.  I kept the ripped page from the magazine on my sewing bulletin board during the construction of my wedding dress.  

Even tho’ I was sewing my wedding dress up to the last minute, the dress turned out much to my satisfaction.  I even made my own headpiece!  When all was over and done with, I folded the magazine picture into one of the pattern envelopes and tucked it away. 

I loaned out or gave away both the Vogue and Style patterns shortly thereafter.  Never to be seen again, well not until recently. 

 In my travels, I came across some used Vogue patterns for sale and I purchased them.  As I went thru these Vogue patterns, one of them stood out but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why this particular pattern kept catching my eye and I placed it aside for the time being.  Much later, I opened the envelope to check the contents and found the exact magazine page I had years ago ripped from the Elle magazine and tucked inside the pattern envelope. 

 Sew, here it is, the Vogue pattern that is; uncut. I’ll be leaving the magazine picture inside for the next owner. 

 See, what goes around comes around!!

 Honk Honk