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Introduction to Sew Exciting NeedleWorks &




If you found this, you’ve most likely found Sew Exciting NeedleWorks as well.

This is my pattern store. Mostly patterns, but I also offer a variety of other items that encompass other needle crafting as well such as quilting, knitting, embroidery, and crochet. You will find Vintage, Modern, Out-of-Print, New and Used patterns. Makers include Butterick, McCall’s, Simplicity and Vogue along with Burda, Kwik-Sew, New Look and Style. Some of the Vintage pattern makers include Advance, Anne Adams, Hollywood and Mail Order. There are the smaller publishers, too various to name, but offer some cute and interesting designs.

I’ve tagged myself, “The Goose Mother” and will fill in those interested on why that name in a future blog. A brief snapshot of my “Goose Mother” personna:  Likes sewing and other needlecraft arts.  Hunts and pecks thru sewing patterns.  Contributes to the sewing sandbox a bit differently.  Runs with scissors and tends to lose sewing implements.  Generally plays well with others.  

I will attempt to pass on useful information in my blogs as well as be entertaining. However, your input will be helpful and I welcome comments and constructive critiques.

My store and effort is a one person operation. No passing the buck here cuz there is no one else. I value and respect my customers. If you need help in making your selections in my store, please contact me; I’m a friendly sorta “goose”. I tried to answer the immediate type of questions from the Home page, FAQs (frequently asked questions), and the Glossary; see the tabs. Navigation should be relatively easy.

 Not a real technical kinda goose, so bear with me.   A goose sputtering around in mid air; well, trust me, not a pretty sight.  heh heh.  However, the webmaster is a Wiz and I get lots of instruction.  Teaching a goose this stuff requires patience and he assists me with navigating the head winds of technology.  Anyway, there’s much more to come, sew please stop by often. There are thousands of patterns here.  Whether you just want to be nostalgic or are seeking a certain pattern, enjoy your stay.

Last, but not least, my store is dedicated to my sister, DeeDee. If the choice had been mine to make, I couldn’t have chosen a better sister. She’s a wonderful person; kind and full of love.  She is truly a treasure.

Until the next blog………